Gift them the limelight

Gift your dear one the limelight as random people wearing the photo printed tees of him/her rushing to click selfies giving a celebrity feeling.

Be on the covers

How about you and your partner featuring in the covers of prime magazines? Flash around with magazines of your duo on the covers !

Magician on Call

Send home a professional magician and make the special day a little extra special with a magical surprise.

Whatsapp on his birthday?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an anonymous whatsapp group for your special someone’s birthday?

Show it off

Turn the talk of the town by putting on a bigger poster or banner for your love

Birthday Blast- Podra Vediya

A crackling surprise, for that explosive moment of your life!

Birthday Bulb

Spoof your special someone on their birthday with perfectly gift packed bulb and a witty message hidden in. This is what is called birthday bulb!

Prank Pal

Pranking someone is a fun & timeless tradition. We have the cool and creepy prank ideas in store for unlimited fun & frolic.

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