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The Story Behind

“The best thing about surprise is you never knew it was coming”

What is life without a little surprise? Surprise…! Surprise… Surprise..? What would be that big surprise? That must be the most obvious calling… Surprises are more fun and works better in casting the spell of happiness around when it is tailor-made for that special someone. That’s where we come in. And that’s how Surprise Machi got into shape. Just tell us about your loved one and we offer the best of indulgent surprises to choose from.

How better can you surprise a biker than gifting him a Harley ride? What better choice can be for a Potterhead other than choosing a harry potter gift kit? Wouldn’t it be awesome to watch the favourite movie of your beau in a private theatre? The best pranks make the best memories, how about a prank in a disguise of a surprise?

You have just skimmed through a percent of Surprise Machi’s think-tank. Just explore our roster of surprises for those funfilled awe moments. Just to hit it straight, Surprise Machi is nothing but your best “Partner in Surprise”.

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