Our Team

Surprise Machi

Happiness Pioneers

We owe special thanks to the former Surprise Machi team members namely, Bhagya Prabhu , Shahul Ahmed, Mohan, Ranjith, Riyaz, Saravanan, Iniyan, Vignesh prabhu, surendher, Megavarman and a lot of friends without whom Surprise Machi would have remained as a dream. They form the base of Surprise Machi. Their contribution and efforts put into establishing Suprise Machi will always be deeply appreciated.

Our Team

” Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is a success”, is quoted by a renowned business magnate, Henry Ford. We are fortunate enough to have a first hand experience of the same. Comprising of very talented members, our team is endlessly motivated and always looks forward to bring out beautiful smiles on our clients’ faces. Here is an introduction of all the Surprise Machi’s, who  consistently work towards the happiness of our clients.

Shahul Hameed

Co-founder & CEO


Head of Executions


Clients Handling Chief