It just feels like yesterday but it has already been 7 years since we started making people smile through our surprises. Yes, We just turned SEVEN! Mere words are not enough to express how grateful we are for all the love and support that we have received all these years. Making people cry is easy, making them smile is also easy but making people cry with a smile on their face and love in their eyes is what is difficult! We have effortlessly made that happen over the years, thanks to their loved ones! We have had thousands of clients wanting us to plan something exceptional for their loved one on their special day and each time, we make sure that their best smile is brought about. The smile that we manage to pull off each time is just so precious!

From creating customized experiences to curating exclusive gifts, we have it all! The effort that goes behind each and every surprise is what matters the most. We make sure that each surprise is unique in its own way, giving our clients a personal touch that will remain in their hearts forever. Some clients become more than just clients. The moment they enjoy our entire surprise process, they make us their HAPPINESS PARTNER! They book us for all their occasions and we become their partner in creating happiness. They become family. We feel grateful to have built clients like that with our work.

2016 it was! The Magical year when our CEO and Co-founder , Shahul Hameed, started the beautiful journey of creating happiness. This was the year that we came up with a bunch of basic, unique surprises for people to surprise their loved ones on their special day. 2016 to 2023 – 7 years! It has indeed been a roller coaster ride. The end of each surprise has been exceptionally beautiful. Not just our clients and our targets, but we, as their Happiness Partner, also come back home carrying some beautiful memories with us. We have always felt a feeling of satisfaction.

We are extremely grateful and thankful to everyone who have always supported us throughout and loved us no matter what. You have never failed to keep us motivated. The amount of love and support you guys have given us has always overwhelmed us. We are blessed to have received the love. Thank you once again. We are nothing without you.

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